Miner "Workforce are diligent, responsive and true partners in talent acquisition. It's been a pleasure to work so closely with them. At times, there are some tough roles to fill and Workforce never gives up. They are 100% committed to finding the right fit for the candidate and the company." –Sandy Graham "Workforce is incredibly attentive, thorough, and detailed." – Jesse Clarkson

Here's Why We are of the utmost IMPORTANce TO YOUr business...


You need a recruitment firm that you want to collaborate with:

Let Workforce become an integral part of your team.


Turn-over is EXPENSIVE:

Let Workforce close the cost gap with the right fit for your business; the first time.


Business today is far from static:

Let Workforce manage the ebbs and flows that industry, the markets and daunting business cycles throw at you.


At Workforce Saskatchewan, we provide Labour Planning and Management Solutions to Saskatchewan's Mining Sector.

Our client integrated model best anticipates and mitigates labour demands to ensure that only quality, trained individuals are sourced, screened and deployed to get the job done-- and most importantly, to do so safely!

We assist our clients in planning ahead for the labour they will require to help eliminate the last minute “labour crunch.”  Our business supports production, development and maintenance with; Temporary and Permanent Labour, Project Personnel, Payroll Functions, International Recruitment and more.